Who needs hiking experience anyway?

As I arrived at the starting gate, donned my $10 target rain coat and day pack, I received my hired hiking poles (which I had to ask how to set up) and had my positivity hat on. I could do this. I've never hiked a day in my life, but who really needs hiking experience... Continue Reading →


Mexico City – Diá De Muertos

Diá De Muertos or the Day of the Dead festival is an amazing Mexican tradition that honours the dead in a series of week long celebrations. Locals believe that during Diá De Muertos, the heavens open up to allow the spirits to return to Mother Earth to visit their families. As the spirits can smell... Continue Reading →

My Ultimate Travel Bucket list

While I'm anxiously waiting until October for my next adventure to begin and accumulating all the necessities for my trip (I'll post soon about what I intend to take and a little bit more detail about my trip), I have been doing a little extra research into where I'd like to go next and as... Continue Reading →

When did my love of travel begin?

I think for most people, the love of travel begins on your first trip abroad, the excitement of boarding the plane for your first international flight, followed by the subsequent boredom if it’s a long haul one, arriving in a new country and being both overwhelmed and awed simply by the airport. Then the adventure... Continue Reading →

Solo travel

Hello and welcome to my first blog. I have recently booked my first solo trip and thought it would be a good idea to document it, both for myself and for others who are on the same path as me. I have been travelling now for a few years, with friends or family to various... Continue Reading →

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